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The forest of Maromizaha or the "dragon forest" is a moist evergreen forest of medium altitude spanning an area of 880 ha of Madagascar's eastern facade formed by a chain of hills separated by narrow valleys. It is situated at 150km from Antananarivo and is home the very biodiversity of the East part of Madagascar.

Maromizaha Forest's biodiversity

The mammalian fauna of Maromizaha seems rather peculiar compared to other nearby forests. Over thirty species of mammals are present , including 14 species of Afrosoricida , 8 Rodent species , 1 species of soricomorpha , 3 species of Carnivora , 3 bat species and 12 species of lemurs.
The evaluation of the statutes of lemurs in 2012 showed the presence of 3 species critically in danger, ( Indri indri , Propithecus diadema , black-and-white ruffed lemur ) . Although the presence of Prolemur simus was recalled by previous studies , recent observations have shown the absence of the species in the forest Maromizaha . In addition, only traces of Daubentonia madagascariensis were found.

The recent study of insects made it possible to learn the presence of more than 800 species of moths and 400 species of beetles . Note the presence of the famous insect Argema mittrei ( Lepidoptera ) , stick insects ( Achrioptera spp.) And the beetle giraffe ( Giraffa Trachelophorus

Maromizaha reptiles and amphibians are quite diverse. Recent biological surveys that cover only a quarter of the entire forest showed the high concentration of herpetofaunes in this forest. Some species of Microhylidae (e.g. Stumpffia kibomena ) are among the smallest vertebrates of Madagascar . The Forest Maromizaha is also home to many species pandanicoles ( Platypelis tubifera ) that lay their eggs in the leaf axils of Pandanus .

Most birds of Maromizaha which are about 80 species set their habitat in the forest. However, species of birds frequenting open and wetlands ( rivers , wetlands ) are also found in it . No species of birds lake aer found in Maromizaha .

As for the flora and vegetation , the rain forest Maromizaha belonging to the series of Weinmannia Tambourissa is relatively rich in flora. Partial researches on the Maromizaha vegetation have identified more than 80 plant families , 210 genera and 430 species. Protorhus ditimena , Uapaca densifolia and U. thouarsii are the specific species. There is also the rosewood species ( Dalbergia sp. , D. baronii , D. chapelieri ) . However, the flora of Maromizaha is decorated with sun-loving species ( orchids) , parasitic plants ( Bakerella ) , pandanus , the traveler tree ( Ravenala madagascariensis ) and dragon tree ( Dracaena reflexa ) .

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