Working to protect the biodiversity of Madagascar

The Sahafiana wet dense forest is located in the province of Toamasina region " Atsinanana " Brickaville District Rural Anivorano East Community.

The vegetation is represented by evergreen rainforest area of the East. Part of formerly logged forest has a secondarisation , which is mostly made p by Ravenala madagascariensis , associated with forest tree regeneration . The fauna is represented by a variety of species of invertebrates and vertebrates.

Sahafiana Project Activity

1-Development of priorities for conservation of lemurs in the forest of Sahafiana 2004.

Biological inventories have been made in the forest Sahafiana to collect basic information on the situation of lemur species in this area. This strategic's main purpose is the implications for conservation of the forest biodiversity.

2- The establishment of a nursery primatologists through theoretical training in situ in primatology in the forest of Sahafiana.

12 students from different departments of the University of Antananarivo were selected to continue in situ formation in Primatology in the forest of Sahafiana . Such training not only provide future highly motivated primatologists but also give conclusive results on the state of the density of lemur populations in the forest of Sahafina .

3- Study of feeding behavior of three species of lemurs :

Indri indri , Eulemur fulvus , Eulemur rubriventer , by identifying the plant species consumed .

4- Promotion of research : Discovery of a new species of lemurs " Microcebus Gerpi "

A new species of mouse lemur was discovered by the team in the GERP Sahafiana forest in 2011 : Microcebus Gerpi .

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