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The World Lemurs Festival is a cultural and educational event, initiated by the GERP and whose main objectives are:

-To reduce the pressure and the degree of threat on lemur species,
-To become aware of the value of the Lemurs,
-Actively involve stakeholders in conservation,
-Raising awareness among schoolchildren and students,
-Raise awareness among the general public.

For this 4th edition, the organizing committee set the challenge to involve and engage traditional state and religious authorities, which hold and important role in the development of the country and the education of the people.

But beyond these objectives, the GERP poses the prospect of obtaining a World Day of Lemurs, through this world festival. It's already on track!

This year's theme, the same as last year, is: "Varika, harem-pirenena, namana tokony ho arovana", translated into English: "Lemurs, national heritage, friends to protect".

As every year, it is officially opened in Antananarivo, followed by regional celebrations.

The World Festival of Lemurs, 4th edition, will take place on Friday the 10th of November 2017. Lecture-debate, various animations, restoration, carnival, and sensitization will be held.

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